With the Tour de France starting tomorrow, I thought I’d give everyone a quick reminder that my book The Modern MAMIL: How to look pro is available to buy. With words by yours truly and illustrations by the amazing Spencer Wilson, it’s a great read for anyone who loves to pull on the Lycra, jump on the saddle and ride down to the local coffee shop and back.

Enjoy the race everyone!

Dear Diary…

This year, for Father’s Day, I was asked by children’s dental hygiene brand Brush-Baby to write some pieces about the experience of being a dad. I jumped at the chance to talk about fatherhood – writing 4 ‘Dear Diary…’ columns that were published by the brand in the run up to the big day.

If you’d like to read what I wrote, head over to the main Brush-Baby site.

Dear Diary 1, Dear Diary 2, Dear Diary 3 & Dear Diary 4.

And, before anyone asks, no that isn’t me in the photos.

‘Unimole Tails’ Available to Buy

One of the joys of being a freelance writer is being asked to get involved with a wide range of projects.

Recently I’ve been working with the team at Life’s Little Recipes on creating a series of stories starring ‘Unimole’ a magical creature who shares love and happiness.

It’s been a wonderful project, helping to build Unimole’s world and guide the character’s development.

I’m now thrilled to announce that our ‘Unimole Tails’ are available to buy. While you’re at it, why not pick up a Unimole soft toy too!

BAFTA memories

Taking another walk down memory lane.
This was over a decade ago, when ‘Me:TV’ a programme for Nickelodeon that I scripted and was one of the producers on won a BAFTA.
What are my memories of the night?
1) Flagging a taxi down on Park Lane, outside The Dorchester, is a lot easier when you’re holding a golden mask in your mitts.
2) Never wear a hired tux without braces. I had to spend the whole evening, including going on stage to collect the gong, with my hands in my pockets to ensure my trousers didn’t fall down. True story.
3) Ade Edmondson was nice – nothing like his character in Star Wars.

*Although to be fair, he wasn’t to play his Star Wars role for around another decade.

It was a great night, the culmination of some hard work for the whole team.

If you can’t stand the heat…

There’s definitely something about chefs.

It’s quite hard to put your finger on what exactly it is, but there’s an indefinable quality about these larger-than-life personalities who produce food to die for, that makes them fascinating interviewees.

Over the years, I’ve interviewed a fair few of the nation’s top culinary folk. From John Burton-Race to Michael Caines they’ve always been memorable encounters with experts at the top of their game.

Why not have a read of some of my favourites?

Warning: Reading more is guaranteed to make you hungry, very hungry.

Here are some of my more memorable interviews…

John Burton Race

Michael Caines

Anton Piotrowski

Amazing Feedback

I’m so pleased to be able to share some of the recent feedback that has come in from one of my clients.

For the last several months I’ve been working alongside Fiona Thomas at helping to bring Unimole, her magical creation, to life. The result has been a range of bedtime stories about this wonderful character.

Here’s what Fiona had to say:

Chris’ services have been invaluable.

He is incredibly talented, very funny and a pleasure to work with. Chris has the ability to understand the waffle in my head and translate this into beautiful stories that transport the reader into a magical land! He brings all my ideas to life.

Chris’ past experience is extensive and I’m so grateful for how he gently guides the projects, and me, in the direction we need to go.

Chris is a key member of the LLR and Unimole team and I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Fiona Thomas, Founder & Director, Life’s Little Recipes Ltd.

If you think my writing could help your company to hone its communication, please do drop me a line.

Wonderful Feedback

It’s always wonderful to get positive feedback from my writing clients.

For some time now I’ve been working with Paul Murphy, founder of, on the company’s tone of voice and branding.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with this sector leading business on refining how it communicates, so I was thrilled to get this feedback on my work.

We have been working with Chris for a number of months now & his ability to turn my thoughts into words is nothing short of amazing !!

His efficiency & attention to detail aren’t bad either !!

Paul Murphy, founder Pure Transfer.

If you think I could help your business with the way it communicates, why not drop me a line at

Board games, shopping & Unimole

It was wonderful to chat with David ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald and Michael Chequer this morning on BBC Radio Devon – a funny and fascinating natter all about board games and shopping.
It was also lovely to talk about my work on Unimole for; a great Devon-based company that’s doing so much to spread love and positivity.

Have you seen the wonderful E-cards created by Plymouths own Pushed? They’re amazing, as are Dave Meadows illustrations for the UnimoleTails bedtime stories.

It’s so great to be at the centre of a project that is doing it’s best to make a positive change!

To hear today’s show, click here from 00:00 to 60:00. Unimole at 50:20 onwards.

Wonderful Unimole

One of the great things about my job is it gives me the chance to work on a whole range of engaging projects.

Over the last few months I’ve been working with the team at Life’s Little Recipes on the launch of Unimole & Friends. Working alongside LLR’s founder, Fiona Thomas, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to shape and tell some truly magical stories about a little mole who wants everyone to feel valued and loved.

I’m so proud of the bedtime stories or ‘Unimole Tails’ that can now be found here on the dedicated Unimole website. They’re so full of positivity and beautifully illustrated by the amazing Dave Meadows of Pushed. Talking of Pushed, they have created a breathtaking series of animated personalisable E-cards starring Unimole. They really are incredible.

Please take a moment to check out the amazing Unimole content that’s available on the Life’s Little Recipes site: including free colouring in downloadables, Unimole Tails and more.

Amazing clients…

I’m so lucky to have wonderful clients.
A few weeks ago the lovely team at Pushed sent me some cookies after a particularly hectic week. I’d love to say I gobbled them all, but my kids got there first. Luckily, I did manage to taste a few crumbs – they were delicious! Thanks guys!
This morning I received some amazing brownies from Fiona Thomas from as a thank you for the work I’ve been doing on their Unimole project. It made my day! Although my kids (once again) ate more than I did!
Anyone else who wants to send my kids (and me) some tasty treats, please do.

You don’t have to be a client… I’m not fussy.