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A keen cyclist and admitted MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra), I’m a frequent contributor to Cycling Plus magazine – the UK’s most popular cycling publication.

“Imagine the scene: the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You’re on your bike, riding at that perfect pace: not too slow so you’re burning carbs, not too fast so you take in the vista around you. Your freshly-shaved legs are looking good in perfectly fitting shorts and your tan lines are maturing nicely – in fact, it would be easy to be mistake you for a pro. You chat with fellow riders who are great company, while other road users happily, safely and respectfully keep their distance. The only thing on your mind is what type of coffee to order when you arrive at the friendly little café that lies just beyond the crest of the next rewardingly challenging incline.
Too good to be true? Not necessarily. At Cycling Plus we believe the perfect ride is always achievable. Here’s our guide to what you need for The perfect ride, every time.”

Chris McGuire, Cycling Plus: ‘The perfect ride, every time’.

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