BOOK 2: Homeworking

My second book is called ‘Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide’.

Illustrated, once again, by Spencer Wilson and published by Ice House Books it’s a funny look at the trials and tribulations of working from home.

Everyone suffers from the desire to procrastinate. We all put off onerous tasks by filling our time with pointless activities that make us feel (temporarily) better.

Nobody in history has approached
filling in a self-assessment tax return without considering a whole host of more fun activities (cleaning the toilet, defrosting the freezer, having root-canal surgery) to do instead.

Procrastination is the nemesis of those who work from home. Some homeworkers fall foul of housework, an easy time-consuming trap to fall into. They vacuum stripes into their carpets, arrange their spice racks alphabetically and scrub windows until the glass is wafer thin – anything rather than settle down to work.

Others find their Achilles’ heel is TV. They happily lap up the most mind-numbing programmes (Celebrity Fish-Gutting, Celebrity Window-Shopping, Celebrities Watch Paint Dry) rather than knuckle down to the big presentation looming over their head.

Social media is another problem for procrastinators.
Checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can leave
the homeworker with very little time to get on with
whatever task it is they’re actually paid to do! We advise that procrastination is only allowed during set breaks in the homeworker’s day. Watch TV, but do it
at a scheduled time each morning. Clean the house,
but only after you’ve got some tangible work done.
Get on social media, but do it on the loo like everyone else!

Chris McGuire, ‘Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide’
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