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A highlight of my career was 2 years writing regular columns and features for the Western Morning News’ West magazine.

During this time I wrote dozens of columns on a whole host of subjects, from fancy dress to the ever present menace of seagull attack. I also wrote many features (often interviews with prominent figures in the south west) along with occasional pieces that documented me throwing myself into worryingly emersive experiences, like having my legs waxed. Don’t ask.

“Ready?” asked Lisa, cheerily.
“Ready,” I replied.
In fact, I was having second thoughts, but it was a bit late to call it off now.
I lay back and the first layer of warm wax was applied to my leg.
I’m one of that ever-growing group of unfit men who’ve turned to cycling in an attempt to gain control over their wayward waistlines.
“I don’t look silly do I?” I asked my girlfriend, the first time I squeezed into cycling kit. Her reply was brutally honest.
“You’re standing there head to toe in Lycra so tight I can tell what you had for lunch and you’re asking me if you look silly?”

Chris McGuire, West Magazine: ‘Wax on, wax off…’

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