Halloween was REALLY scary when I was a kid – Huffpost UK

With Halloween approaching here’s a piece I wrote for Huffpost UK all about my experiences of Trick or Treating as a kid…

In the 80’s when I was ‘Trick or Treating’ (it was a very new thing back then) black bin bags were the staple constituent of every costume I every wore. The conversation would go like this:

“Mum, I wanted to be Frankenstein this year.”

“‘Frankenstein’ is the name of the doctor, not the monster.”


“You want to be ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’. Not Frankenstein.”


“OK. That’s easy. We’ll cut some holes in a black bin liner – for Frankenstein’s body. You can wear your green balaclava, I’ll paint your face green with my eye shadow and we’ll put you in some of your sister’s black tights.”

“I don’t want to wear tights, or have green eye shadow. That’s not how Frankenstein looks.”

“Don’t be silly, I think I know more about Frankenstein than you.”

“But Mum!!”

Chris McGuire Huffpost UK

For full column, click here.

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