Michael Caines: Lympstone Manor

Here’s my interview with Michael Caines, for the launch of Lympstone Manor, as seen in Western Morning News.

“I’ll not be happy!” said one old lady, so everyone on the bus could hear, “if he ruins that place, Courtlands House. Lovely it is!”

Her companion nodded in agreement.

“In fact, if he does, I’ll never watch his films ever again! He should stick to acting, blooming Michael Caine!”

I overheard this conversation, between a pair of endearingly-confused locals, just over a year ago. Today I find myself in the lush surroundings of Lympstone Manor (formerly Courtlands House), East Devon’s newest luxury hotel, talking to the man behind it all.

Chef Michael Caines, 48, and I are seated in one of Lympstone Manor’s lounges – with impressive views of the bucolic Exe Estuary – discussing the hotel, that he clearly sees as the culmination of an impressive career.

Born in Exeter in 1969, Caines was adopted soon afterwards: “I was adopted at the age of six weeks old into a loving family. I’m not a privileged kid. I didn’t get given anything, I’ve had to work for it.” 

Chris McGuire, Western Morning News

For the full piece, click here.

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