The importance of storytelling in business…

One of the things that I love to do is to work with a business or organisation to distil their story into something meaningful, for both them and their customer base. Here’s a piece I wrote all about the importance of storytelling, published by the amazing folks at Proven.

Saying: “I’m a Mac person” is to align with a story that’s almost universally understood. This person sees themselves as modern in attitude, technologically astute, not one of the crowd, a maverick. That an exceptionally large percentage of the population now ALL see themselves as mavericks is neither here nor there. These narratives don’t come about by accident, big business understands that the tale they portray often matters MORE than the product. Just like the generic cereal that so upset me as a child, it’s all about the story. Personally, I could get another (cheaper) phone that does much the same as my trusty iPhone, but like the non-brand puffed rice, it wouldn’t hold the same thrill. It’s the STORY that Apple is so adept at telling that interests me, probably more than the product. As a consumer, I want to be part of that story.

A business doesn’t have to be a huge multi-national for the cultivation of a compelling story to be important. A good narrative, one that will engage with a chosen demographic, is vital for any organization trying to show they’re not just another bowl of generic cereal.

As a consumer, I want to believe that I make good choice. Because, like it or not, these decisions reflect upon me, and how I feel about myself. I want to be interacting with brands that fit in with my own personal story.

Chris McGuire: ‘And that’s another story…’ Putting compelling narratives at the heart of business.

For the full essay, click here.

If you’d like to talk about how to foreground the compelling story that lies at the heart of what you do, please get in touch.

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