The Stable – Restaurant Review

Here’s my review of Exeter’s The Stable – specialists in pizza and cider – for Western Morning News. Photography by the amazing Nick Hook.

“There are times in life where everything just works. It’s as simple as that. An invention that seems so obvious you can’t imagine life without it, or an occasion that just runs like clockwork. The Stable is a restaurant I’d happily add to the list of places that have this ‘X Factor’ – by which I don’t mean they’ve got an emotional backstory. Rather, it’s effortlessly relaxed and welcoming. The type of place where you make the mental note: ‘I must come here often’.

Exeter’s ‘The Stable’ is one of a cluster of new restaurants that form the ‘Queen St. Dining At Guildhall’ development. My partner, our 6-month-old son Sam and I went for lunch. Dining out can be a little stressful with a baby in tow, there’s the constant worry of: ‘What if he melts down?’, ‘What will the other diners say?’ The relaxed atmosphere in The Stable’s spacious dining area immediately put us at ease. Comfortable wooden benches pepper the uncluttered interior, which has a feeling of being both rustic and urban. The enthusiastic staff who greeted us seemed genuinely excited to be working in a vibrant unstuffy eating environment…

Chris McGuire, Western Morning News

For full piece, click here.

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