Bump, Baby & You

Here’s an excerpt from a piece of mine called ‘Hell is other people’s kids”, part of a selection of my work featured on Bumpbabyandyou.co.uk

“As a kid, I’d often be made to join my family in sitting through everlasting evenings where the neighbours conducted a slideshow of photographs from their latest holiday.

BORING doesn’t even come close.

Out of focus photos of some beach in Portugal, Edinburgh Castle obscured by a thumb over the lens or even (horror of horrors) the inevitable argument between our neighbours over the forgotten names of (lobster-like) holiday acquaintances gathered around a wonky taverna table somewhere.

“He works for a bank.”

“No he doesn’t. It’s a building society.”

“I’m pretty sure it was a bank…”

“Because you never listen Harold.”

Nobody, and I really mean NOBODY is interested in other people’s holiday snaps. They are the photographic equivalent of watching Songs Of Praise at your nan’s house or uncomfortable chats with taxi drivers – something to be endured and got over with, as quickly as is humanly possible.”

Chris McGuire: Bump, Baby & You

For full piece, click here.

Published by The Out of Depth Dad

A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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