The Metro – Brexit might literally kill me

Here’s my latest commission from all about the potential consequences of a no-deal Brexit, as outlined in the Operation Yellowhammer papers. This piece garnered a lot of response, including being featured on the Apple News App.

“When you step onto a plane, you trust the engineers know what they’re doing – that the correct nuts have been tightened and the seats have all been returned to an upright position. Similarly, when you bite into a take-away burger, you trust that the person who made it washed their hands after their most recent ablution and you’re not going to be spending the next few days having quality time in the smallest room in the house. But when you find yourself, as I did, diagnosed with a disease like type 1 diabetes, you have to start trusting on a whole new level. Every day, as a diabetic, I’m completely reliant on insulin. Without it I will die. Simple as that. Knowing that you are completely and utterly reliant on a substance supplied to you by others, as part of long and complication process of manufacture and delivery that you’re a little foggy about, takes a lot of trust.”

Chris McGuire,

For the full article, see here.

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A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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