DI Why?

Here’s a piece I wrote for Western Morning News, all about the trials and tribulations of doing it yourself…

“D. I. Why?
They tell me that a picture can say a thousand words, which makes pictures far more impressive than parrots – who are usually limited to a few dozen. Moving on from our feathered friends, I said at least a thousand words as I attempted to hang a picture recently – unfortunately most of them were expletives. Yes, this week, I learned that DIY and I aren’t a good mix… not at all… ever.
“Chris…?” said my partner, as she attempted to rock our baby to sleep. “Have you seen my list?”
I had. She was leaning slightly to the left, which I took to be caused by the geriatric springs on our couch.
“My list of things to do.”
I hadn’t, or maybe I had and pretended not to.
“It’s just a few DIY things I need you to do around the house.”
I felt sick. She spoke with the nonchalance of someone who’d never seen me attempt DIY before. Surely she knew of my deficiency in this area?
“I can’t…”
“Come on Chris. How hard can it be?”
Nonplussed, I assumed this was a rhetorical question and went off in search of the list…”

For the full piece, click here.

Published by The Out of Depth Dad

A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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