Silence is golden…

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Western Morning News in defence of those who have no desire to be the centre of attention. Silence is golden…

“Yes, this week, I’ve reconfirmed my suspicion loud people are (officially) the bane of my life.
Firstly, if you are a loud person reading this, please, for everyone’s sake do so in your head.
Ah… that’s better already.
As a self-appointed representative of the (unheard) quiet majority here are a few points that I feel are pertinent:
1: Being quiet (or quieter) is not a passive activity. By which I mean I am not quiet simply
because I have forgotten to be loud. Far from it. I am being quiet because I enjoy silence and the serenity that comes with it.
2: I am not being quiet in order to blend in – to fade into the wallpaper. My quietness is
nothing to do with any third party, it’s a state I enjoy independently of others. I am, believe it or not, a very confident person.
3: Being loud is not synonymous with having a ‘big personality’, by which we usually mean interesting and fun. Being loud is a sign of nothing more than being loud. ‘Empty vessels…’ and all.”

For the full piece, click here.

Published by The Out of Depth Dad

A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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