Why Dads are better than Superheroes…

They may not have the flashy Lycra but, for me, dads are certainly better than superheroes. Here’s a piece I wrote for Huffpost UK…

I have proof.
Dads do AMAZING things WITHOUT superpowers. It’s (relatively) easy to save the day if you can fly or walk up the side of buildings. Superheroes (on the whole) are blessed with some pretty nifty abilities that the average person in the street could only dream of. They’ve got a bit (read ‘a lot’) of a head start. The thing is, I’ve seen dads do amazing things with no superpowers whatsoever. OK, OK, what they do might not be as ‘showy’ as the antics of Messrs Wayne, Kent and Stark – but they’re more impressive. I’ve seen a dad change a nappy one-handed while simultaneously dealing with a melting down 3-year-old. Superman couldn’t do that. I’ve seen dads reply patiently to a question they’ve already been asked 1000 times. There’s no way Batman, Mr Misery Guts himself, would put up with this. He’d be sulking in the Batcave before you could say “Kapow!” All in all, dads do whatever is necessary, whenever it’s necessary – without the fanfare…”

Chris McGuire, Huffpost UK

To view the full piece, click here.

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A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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