Moose Allain Interview

I’m proud of this one, my interview with Moose Allain – artist, writer and Twitter god – for The Western Morning News. Click here for the full piece.

The first thing Moose Allain offers me is a towel – he’s that kind of guy. Embarrassingly, I arrive at his door sweating buckets having decided to cycle to his East Devon home, without realising the entire journey would be uphill. Guided inside, I stumble into the kitchen; where I collapse into a chair. Coffee is proffered and after a few glugs I feel more like myself again. Moose is kind enough to give me time to regain my composure, while his wife, Karen, soothes my embarrassment by explaining that even marines they’ve known struggled climbing the nearby hills. A likely story, but it’s gratefully received.

As soon as it’s clear I’m no longer feeling faint, conversation begins in earnest. Moose Allain is a big, avuncular fellow. His naturally serious face regularly erupts into gales of laughter that are as contagious as they are welcome. I’m immediately at home in his (clearly family-orientated) house – it’s that kind of place. I’ve long been interested in Moose, seeing him as part of the vanguard of creatives who moved West and capitalised on the opportunities for non-centralised working offered by the internet, social media and new technologies

Chris McGuire, West Magazine.

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