“Sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made”

George Burns

For me, the key to writing that really engages is sincerity.
What do I mean?

The writing that I find engaging is sincere, in the sense it’s a reflection of life – with all its imperfections.

Prose with a sense of humour, that doesn’t take itself too seriously and actively reflects the experience of being human, is always going to get my vote.

There is no such thing as a ‘boring’ subject, only boring writing. It’s all about finding an angle on the topic that will engage with a reader. If my mind wanders and I think about lunch while I’m reading some of my copy, I’ve taken the wrong tack.

Laughter is often the key.
When I wrote The Modern MAMIL: How to look pro, illustrated by the amazing Spencer Wilson, I deliberately focused on experiences that cyclists might feel embarrassed about sharing. For example the difficulties of going for a wee when covered in layer after layer of tight fitting Lycra.

It’s amazing how people engage with writing when it shows they are not the only one to feel a certain way.

“We read to know we are not alone…”

Are you addressing the elephants in the room in your content?
Engagement isn’t about selling a dream, it’s a matter of sharing common experiences…

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A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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