BAFTA memories

Taking another walk down memory lane.
This was over a decade ago, when ‘Me:TV’ a programme for Nickelodeon that I scripted and was one of the producers on won a BAFTA.
What are my memories of the night?
1) Flagging a taxi down on Park Lane, outside The Dorchester, is a lot easier when you’re holding a golden mask in your mitts.
2) Never wear a hired tux without braces. I had to spend the whole evening, including going on stage to collect the gong, with my hands in my pockets to ensure my trousers didn’t fall down. True story.
3) Ade Edmondson was nice – nothing like his character in Star Wars.

*Although to be fair, he wasn’t to play his Star Wars role for around another decade.

It was a great night, the culmination of some hard work for the whole team.

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