So, what is it I do exactly?

It’s a question I get asked on a very regular basis.

The short answer is ‘lots of things, but only some of them I can tell you about’. Sorry, that sounds far more cloak and dagger than I’d intended.

Let me explain.

Building on my background as a TV producer and writer for broadcasters such as Disney, Nickelodeon and CBBC, as well as my freelance work for a range of creative agencies, I now work on a freelance basis providing writing services for a smorgasbord of clients.

  • Pitches. Creative agencies ask me to provide the ideas and words they need in order to win vital contracts producing a wide variety of content for big brands. In short, I write documents that I can’t show you, that go companies you’ve definitely heard of, pitching ideas for content you’ve probably (in the fullness of time) seen. It’s a creative and challenging process which, sadly, I can’t tell you much more about.
  • Scripts. Scripting was always my favourite part of being a TV producer. I scripted both the BAFTA winning Me: TV and the International Emmy ‘Pet School’. These days, a wide variety of clients ask me to script anything from animation to commercials and podcasts.
  • Ghost-writing. I work with a variety of clients in a wide range businesses in a ghost-writing role. It’s not as spooky as it sounds. Basically, I create content for them (columns, blogs, speeches, though pieces etc.) in the ‘voice’ of the brand or an individual from that business. For obvious reasons I can’t tell you which companies/organisations I do this for – it would defeat the object. Let’s just say if you like a piece that you read ‘written’ by a CEO I probably penned it – and if you didn’t, I didn’t.
  • Writing for children. A lot of my work consists of working with brands to create content for children. Building on my years in children’s TV, I’ve a strong sense of what concepts will and won’t work for children of a variety of ages. As a father myself, I write pieces about family life and parenthood that you may have seen across a wide variety of media platforms. As a strong advocate of parents, I’ve worked with brands to create content from a parents’ point of view.
  • Columns. I regularly write columns under my own name for a cross-section of publications. I specialise in easy to read, engaging pieces that don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’re looking for funny light-hearted and readable content, either written under your name or mine, get in touch.
  • Content consultancy. I work with businesses providing perspective and insights into their comms. Working together, we come up with new ideas on how to communicate with existing and potential markets and client bases. I’m known as a never ending source of ideas and a great sounding board for founders and business owners.
  • Books. I also write books. If you’d like me to write something in your ‘voice’ get in touch. Here’s a link to some of the books I can tell you about.

So that’s the kind of work I do. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific…

If you’d like to get in touch to find out more, drop me a line at

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A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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