Expect Fireworks…

Something a bit lighter from me today.I’ve never enjoyed #BonfireNight – I just don’t ‘get’ it.So here’s a piece, from me, moaning about November 5th – it’ll be here before you know it! “We spend the rest of the year sorting through recycling, rinsing out washing-up liquid bottles, offsetting our carbon foot prints and attempting to shopContinue reading “Expect Fireworks…”

The importance of storytelling in business…

One of the things that I love to do is to work with a business or organisation to distil their story into something meaningful, for both them and their customer base. Here’s a piece I wrote all about the importance of storytelling, published by the amazing folks at Proven. Saying: “I’m a Mac person” isContinue reading “The importance of storytelling in business…”

Western Morning News: Fancy That!

It’s all a bit full-on at the minute, isn’t it?If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s this: a bit of laugh always makes everything seem better.Here’s a piece that I wrote for WesternMorningNews. It’s a sorry tale of green tights and bodypaint. Have a read of (and a chuckle at) my own personal fancy dress nightmare. “I’veContinue reading “Western Morning News: Fancy That!”

Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide

Thrilled to announce that my second book, in collaboration with the amazing Spencer Wilson will be out on the 12th of March. ‘Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide’ is the perfect read for anyone who works from home, or is planning to take the plunge – leaving the traditional world of work behind. “Ask the man onContinue reading “Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide”

Why I’ve written to Santa for a Spider-Man costume…

My son’s superhero of choice is Spider-Man. I’d like to say that the obsession with blue and red spandex-clad fella is driving me up the wall, but it’s my son who’s doing the climbing in our house.

The Apprentice – Eastern Daily Press

It seems to me that the candidates on The Apprentice are getting worse. I mean if the express intention of the show was to bring together a collection of vapid egomaniacs with all the business acumen of a mouldy Tupperware set, then I’d understand.