Homeworking: Eastern Daily Press Feature

Here’s a piece I wrote to publicise my book “Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide” illustrated by the amazing Spencer Wilson and published by Halfmoon Bay.
I gave my top tips for anyone planning to work from home…

“Whatever you do, avoid procrastination.
Procrastination is the nemesis of the anyone who works from home. Freed from the restrictions of conventional office environs, the homeworker is at liberty to do what they want, when they want. This perceived freedom is a double-edged sword. Before you know it, those who are new to this game are rearranging their sock drawers, vacuuming stripes into their carpet and watching hundreds of episodes of Tipping Point. All I can say is: resist procrastination, resist it with all your might! Procrastination is not your friend. It may seem like fun to put your feet up and watch old Adam Sandler movies during your workday, but you’ll regret it as soon as your next deadline looms. TBH, with my experience of Adam Sandler movies, I’m regretting it as I watch them!”

Chris McGuire, ‘Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide’

For the full Eastern Daily Press piece, click here.

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A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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