Looking back: Our First Father’s Day

4 years ago I wrote a piece for ‘West’, the glossy magazine for Western Morning News, giving my views on fatherhood as I experienced my first Father’s Day. Lots has happened in the years since then but, as another Father’s Day approaches, it’s nice to look back at the beginning of my parenting journey…

Suddenly you hit the water…


You’ve always seen yourself as a pretty good swimmer. But the pool is colder than you expected, and just treading water is hard. You try to touch the bottom with a foot, it’s well out of reach.

It’s then that you realise you’re out of your depth and struggling under the sudden weight of responsibility that’s landed on your shoulders.

Welcome to fatherhood.

Chris McGuire, “Our First Father’s Day” – Western Morning News

For the full piece click here.

Published by The Out of Depth Dad

A new dad, completely out of his depth. Who knew that parenthood was so tricky?

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